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Stewardship Brochure

Having an understanding of Stewardship starts with acknowledging that our very life is a gift from God.  Stewardship, then, is our response in gratitude for all that the gift of our life includes: our health, our family, our faith, our capacity to learn, our ability to work, to develop skills, to establish relationships, etc.  A grateful response calls us to accept responsibility for caring for ourselves and all that God gives us in this life.

Our Baptism marks the beginning of our life of faith.  Living Out Our Baptism is a phrase we use as the invitation to be good stewards of all we have been given.  In the parish, we focus on the Feast of the Baptism of Jesus each January to review and renew our commitment to the gifts of Time, Talent, and Treasure God gives us.


 Being a good steward of our time means carving out some of our day for spiritual growth.  There are many ways to accomplish this such as reading or studying Scripture, journaling, praying, joining a faith-sharing group , attending daily Mass, participating in Eucharistic adoration, and much more.  Our challenge is to increase the amount or quality of the time we spend on our spiritual growth.  Spending time daily with God, along with making a commitment to attend Mass every Sunday, are great ways to be good stewards of our time. 


 An important part of being a disciple is serving others.  There are many ways to use our talents to serve the other members of the parish.  Whether it is playing a role at Mass, leading a small group, volunteering in the school, reaching out to those in need, or helping at an annual parish event, serving others is a great way to improve our spiritual life.        


Each year we are challenged to make a commitment of financial giving to the parish.  Scripture teaches us to give 10% of our income.  We recommend 8% to the parish, 1% to the diocese and 1% to other charities.  We follow a pledge model that has been highly successful at other vibrant parishes in the country.  By pledging a certain amount, it makes us accountable to ourselves to keep financial stewardship an important part of our lives throughout the year. 

Our Living Out Our Baptism Stewardship brochure describes the variety of opportunities in the parish to be good stewards of our Talent in serving one another.  The Ministry Signup  and Financial Commitment forms are provided to communicate our response to the invitation of Living Out Our Baptism.


Financial Commitment