Sunday Homily (Full Text)

Sunday Homily


Holy Thursday of the Lord’s Supper

Deacon Adam Prichard

Reading I      Exodus 12:1-14

Psalm             116:12-13. 15-18

Reading II     1 Corinthians 11:23-26

Gospel           John 13:1-15


It’s seems odd to rejoice in the death of someone, let alone their method of death.  But sometimes that is what we are accused of, or we are misunderstood when we pray the Stations of the Cross, or venerate the Cross, or when we wear a crucifix around our neck.  They themselves are signs and ways of entering into an understanding of what Jesus Christ did for us, how God humbled himself, came down to earth and united his Godhood with his manhood — how he lived our life and died our death — dying a gruesome death. 


We pray those ways so we may understand what Christ did for us in order that we may enter into the mystery that we have life because of him, and that he paid the debts so that we may have new life.  And we know that if we go to Christ and ask for his forgiveness that he will give it.  We know that Christ is merciful and is loving — otherwise, he would not have done what he did for us.


So, as we continue to celebrate the Triduum, and continue through our lives, any suffering that we may have — we know that we can unite with Christ and can enter into the mystery of what he has done for us.  And we give thanks for that because we know that we can never understand the weight of what he has done for us.



Adam Pritchard, of Blessed Sacrament Parish, Quincy, was ordained a deacon on Saturday, May 10, 2014, by Bishop Thomas Paprocki at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Springfield.  He was vested with stole and dalmatic by Monsignor Michael Kuse.  Deacon Pritchard will be ordained a priest on May 23, 2015.



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