Sunday Homily (Full Text)

Sunday Homily


33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time    

Reading I     Daniel 12:1-3

Psalm     16:5-11

Reading II     Hebrew 10:11-14, 18

Gospel     Mark 13:24-32 


Someone is always talking about the end of the world, and putting fear in people.  Today we might just ask:  How do we conquer fear?   There is one simple answer to that, and it is to know how to love.  When you love and you realize you have God’s love within you, there is nothing that can create any fear that can destroy you. 


Sometimes things happen in life and we become very frustrated. We may ask, “God, where are you?”  In the secret of our hearts God will say, “I’m still here. I’ll never forsake you.  But you have to know that if you fail to love, that’s when fear can enter into your life and take hold.”


So it is up to us to say, “Well, if it’s that easy then how is my love life?  How is my spiritual life with the Spirit of God within me?  Am I really sharing my faith with others?  Do I take time to pray?  Do I serve others as Jesus did in washing feet?  Do I take the resources I have and use them for a common good?  If I am busy doing all of that, fear cannot enter in.”


So this morning we have to think about that.  Am I letting fear push love aside?  Or am I realizing that love can push fear out of the picture?  If we are going to be men and women of faith, then we have to realize that God created us out of love, and he is going to take us back home in a spirit of love.


He says, “Don’t worry about anything else.”


Wouldn’t it be nice if we turned on the TV and heard that the breaking news would always be some symbol of love in the world?  Rather, so much of the news we hear is news that creates a fear.  Is someone going to kill me?  Am I going to die tomorrow?  Is something going to happen to one of my children?  Jesus says, “Anything that I do has a reason to bring someone close.  You will not understand how much I love you in this life.  But just cling to it, and when you do, your whole life will change.”


May you and I who know how to let love control our lives, rather than fear.


Let us pray for one another.


For our sisters and brothers who were killed in Paris, that there will be a peace and a calm that love will overcome all fear. We pray to the Lord.


Lord hear our prayer.


For all families that they will extend their love to one another, and for that love to overflow with kindness and patience. We pray to the Lord.


Lord hear our prayer.


For all the sick throughout the world, that they will find compassion and caregivers who will assist them in every way.  We pray to the Lord.


Lord hear our prayer.


And for all who have died in our families and from our parishes that God will let them see that face of his in eternal glory. We pray to the Lord.


Lord hear our prayer.


God, we thank you for the blessings of life, most of all that blessing of love.

May we never take it for granted as we seek all things through Christ our Lord.



* *  *

Monsignor Michael Kuse is pastor of Blessed Sacrament Parish in Quincy, Illinois.

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